Your body’s circadian rhythm is a biological process that is meant to keep you in-sync with the natural 24-hour day.

For many people, this circadian rhythm is not perfectly aligned with the 24-hour clock and they may suffer from sleep disturbances, lack of energy, and feelings of depression. This is especially common for people who work varying schedules, as well as during the winter months when days are shorter and we are exposed to less natural light. This is because light enters through our eyes and promotes the release of ‘feel good’ hormones in our brain that not only improve our mood, but also tell us when to wake and when to sleep.

Knowing that sunlight helps to naturally regulate our internal clocks, many people assume that during the summer months their natural rhythms should be close to normal.

This is not always the case.

Although these rhythms are ‘built-in’ to our bodies and self-sustained, they are also greatly affected by our environment. Summer generally means more sunlight, which in turn creates better moods, more energy and a more reliable internal clock, but our sleep patterns, daily activities, environment and the weather all have an impact on the amount of light we actually receive and process.

In today’s chaotic world we often work longer hours, many times in office buildings that have unnatural fluorescent lighting. We are busier than we have ever been before and chances are we spend far less time outside in the natural sunlight that we did in the past. This means that all the benefits the summer sun provides are not being absorbed by our bodies and our circadian rhythms are out-of-wack, even during the sunnier seasons.

This is why the Feel Bright Light should be your year-round companion.

When people think of Light Therapy they often think of the winter blues, colder weather and depression, but light therapy can be just as beneficial in the summer months as it is throughout the darker days of winter.

Longer days, can leave us tired and weary, despite the sunshine. The summer is a busy time for everyone and our sleep schedule is often the first thing that suffers. During the summer we are often overbooked with family gatherings, barbeques and other events. We spend much of our time outside of work socializing and ee wear ourselves down with obligations that leave us exhausted, but we often don’t get enough sleep. The sun we do absorb is usually later in the day, which it is not as effective as that of the earlier hours and so the benefits of exposure decrease.

Light Therapy can provide the same benefits as the natural sunlight conveniently and without the associated risk of exposure.

Light therapy treatment consists of brief exposure to light that mimics sunlight and encourages your body to naturally release those ‘feel good’ hormones triggered by the sun. The Feel Bright Light is designed to provide all the benefits of the natural sunlight, without the risk of UV rays. In fact, treatment of as little as 15 minutes per day can help keep our circadian rhythms in line with the natural 24-hour clock, give us more energy and even improve our moods.

The Feel Bright Light mimics the natural sunlight allowing us all the benefits of the being in the sun in an easy and convenient system designed to fit any schedule.

The Feel Bright Light’s compact, convenient and completely mobile design means that you can easily wear the visor in the morning while you are eating breakfast, getting ready for work, or exercising and enjoy the benefits that light brings to your health and well-being.

Light therapy will not only help you sleep better at night, it will also help you wake more refreshed, give you more energy to tackle those summer tasks and improve your overall mood. The Feel Bright Light is a valuable tool for better health.



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