According to the Center for Disease Control depression affects an estimated 14.8 million (approximately 1 in 10) adults in the U.S.

Anyone who has experienced depression knows that it can impact all areas of your life, including your emotions, physical health, relationships and work. When you suffer from depression you often feel like there is nowhere to turn, you may feel trapped or defeated and may lose hope of ever feeling ‘normal’ again. Depression is more than being sad, having the blues, or feeling grief after a loss. Depression is a medical condition that affects your overall health and day-to-day activities long-term.

Symptoms of depression include sadness, preoccupation with inadequacies, loss of self-esteem, feelings of uselessness and hopelessness, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed, fatigue, changes in weight or appetite and changes in sleep patterns.

Often symptoms of depression are treated using antidepressant medications like Paxil and Prozac. These medications, while often effective, can have serious side-effects, especially with long-term use.

A study conducted at the VU University in Amsterdam has shown that light therapy can be as effective in treating depression as antidepressant medications.

Light therapy has been commonly used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of seasonal depression, and has been very effective. When it comes to other types of depression, the similarities between the circadian rhythm issues and depression symptoms can not be ignored.

You circadian rhythm helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle as well as the areas of your brain that control appetite, energy and mood. People who suffer from depression often find themselves with the same symptoms as those who are dealing with issues related to their internal clock.

Light therapy, like that provided by the Feel Bright Light, is designed to mimic the natural sunlight and when that light is absorbed through our eyes it triggers photosensitive cells in our brain that produce “feel good” hormones. It is these hormones that help to regulate our circadian rhythms and elevate our mood. Light therapy also helps increase energy and regulate sleep, both areas that tend to suffer in people with depression.

The best part of light therapy is that it is completely natural and does not have the adverse side-effects often associated with medications.

The Feel Bright Light allows those who suffer from depression to receive treatment that is both convenient and effective. Many patients require only 15-minutes of exposure per day to see significant results. With its completely mobile, hands-free design the Feel Bright Light allows you to benefit from light therapy anywhere, anytime. You are able to enjoy treatment while you get ready for work, exercise or eat breakfast. The secure design of the Feel Bright Light visor frees up your hands to do other activities while still providing optimal treatment that is beneficial to many areas of your health and wellbeing.

Light therapy is quickly becoming the leader in natural forms of treatment for a number of health related issues. The benefits that it can provide those who suffer from depression year-round are significant and studies show that light therapy is a viable treatment option.

More and more people are looking to light therapy as a natural alternative to prescription medications that may negatively affect their health in the long-term, and many of them report light therapy as an effective choice for treating their symptoms and improving their mood.

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