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Sleep Better

The root cause of sleeping problems is related to your internal body clock. Light therapy can get you back on track.

Wake Up Refreshed

An out of sync circadian rhythm can leave you tired and groggy even after a full nights sleep, light therapy can help.

Improve Your Mood

You don’t have to suffer from the winter blues any longer. There is a solution to help you beat the blues, naturally.

Increase Your Energy

Caffeine, sugar and energy drinks are temporary fixes. There is a solution available to naturally increase your energy .

Introducing the Feel Bright Light

Small, Light & Powerful

You can beat depression, sleep better, wake more refreshed and benefit from increased energy with the Feel Bright Light. This compact and convenient device is your ticket to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

  • Smallest light therapy device in the world.
  • Most effective treatment angle – Above the eyes.
  • GreenSafe™ Technology
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Features & Benefits

“This light is great – really helped me feel better in the winter. The freedom to be able to move around while getting my light really helps.
Todd Rambasek, Cleveland, OH
I can prepare for work while wearing the visor. The light is always the proper distance from my eyes and effects are great. My depression has lifted.
R. Jensen, Virginia, NC