Wake Up Refreshed With The Feel Bright Light Visor
[us_testimonial author=”Steven Powers” company=”Spokane, WA”]In my opinion and personal experience, this is the best SAD therapy available. In three or four days I was already feeling the benefits. This has been the best fall season I can remember and I am actually looking forward to winter.[/us_testimonial]

Waking up is hard to do

Do you find that you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning?

Do you feel groggy and tired despite a full night’s sleep?

Do you need your morning coffee in order to kick-start your day?

While some people may think these are simply excuses to sleep-in or be grumpy in the morning, if you answered yes to any of the questions above you may be suffering from a real physical condition.

The good news is, it doesn’t need to be that way… Light Therapy can help!

About Light Therapy

Your body’s internal clock is controlled by light signals. The early light of morning and the dim light of evening, tells you when to wake and when to sleep. If you are unable to receive these light signals you wind up with a circadian rhythm that is out-of-whack. This can cause issues with sleep, energy and emotions.

Light therapy can help. Through exposure to light in specific wavelengths, for specific periods, at specific times of the day, light therapy can mimic the sunlight and reset your internal clock; ultimately helping you sleep better and wake more refreshed. Light therapy can also help increase energy and improve your mood.

All in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Over the last decade new research has enabled scientists to create smaller, more effective light therapy products that show results in as little as 15 minutes a day. This is leaps and bounds in comparison to the 2-3 hours that subjects previously needed to spend chained to light boxes in order to see improvement.

The best part is, Light Therapy is all natural, eliminating the need for high-risk medications.

The science of light therapy



The bright light of dawn and the dim light of dusk signal your body tell you when to wake and when to sleep. When you are not able to receive these signals you end up with a circadian rhythm that is ‘out-of-whack’. Your circadian rhythm, or internal clock, controls your sleep/wake cycle, as well as your energy levels and emotions.

Light therapy, which simulates the sunlight, is used to reset your circadian rhythm and get your body back in sync with a 24-hour clock. Once your body clock is regulated your body begins to naturally produce the required hormones and your sleep, energy and mood all improve.


Your eyes are windows to the mind, body and soul.

Natural sunlight is absorbed through the retina and helps to regulate various areas of the body. When the sun rises it signals your body that it is time to wake and as it sets your body is alerted that it is time to sleep. Light therapy mimics the natural sunlight and helps to stimulate your body through light signals.

The Feel Bright Light‘s mobile design was created to mirror natural sunlight as closely as possible. Light from the Feel Bright Light is received from above the eye, like in nature, creating a more effective and natural treatment.


Many experts link macular degeneration with long-term exposure to blue light wavelengths, though they differ on their exact definition of what those wavelengths are. Generally speaking, damaging blue light is defined as that part of the invisible spectrum that ranges from 380nm to 200nm.

The Feel Bright Light uses a safer, more effective blue-green wavelength which eliminates risk of damage. This blue-green wavelength, called GreenSafe™ Technology, falls safely in the visible spectrum of 490nm-560nm, peaking at 525nm, and provides effective treatment in less time without the risks of lower grade or UV lighting.

Improve Your Mood with the Feel Bright Light

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed with the Feel Bright Light

There are a number of reasons that the Feel Bright Light is the best light therapy product on the market today.

• Unique GreenSafe™ Technology ensures safe, yet effective treatment.
• Portable and self-contained, weighing less than two ounces
• State-of-the-art lithium polymer rechargeable battery.
• Convenient hands-free treatment.

The Feel Bright Light is available in two different packages:
The Standard Feel Bright Light and The Feel Bright Light Deluxe.

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