Portable & Convenient

The Feel Bright Light is the lightest, brightest, most user-friendly device available. It allows you to move about, doing most of your normal activities, while receiving your bright light session. Since you do not have to sit in one place for 1⁄2 hour each day, you are much more likely to stay with your bright light program.

Greensafe Technology™

In addition, the Feel Bright Light provides you more of the effective green-blue light than any other light device – blue, white or full-spectrum. Only the Feel Bright Light allows you to choose 8,000 or 12,000 lux – matching your light dose to your preference.

Automatic Shut Off

The Feel Bright Light has an automatic 30-minute shut-off – a desirable feature for “medical phototherapy devices”. The long-lived, rechargeable battery will last for 3 one-half hour sessions at 12,000 lux or 4 sessions at 8,000 lux. It will last for thousands of recharge cycles.

Safe to Operate Overseas

Unlike other bright light devices, you can use your Feel Bright Light overseas in countries that run on 220/240 volt power. Only a plug converter is needed.

Heavy Duty Battery

Under heavy use, the Feel Bright Light lamps and battery will last over 10 years.

Industry Leading Warranty & Guarantee

The Feel Bright Light comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty against defects of materials or workmanship.

Experience the natural, therapeutic, scientifically proven effects of light therapy in as little as 2-3 treatment sessions. Order your Feel Bright Light today.


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