Primary Investigator: Ivette Emery, Ph.D.

Bright light treatment of subjects with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with the Feel Bright Light will significantly improve SAD symptoms with minimal adverse effects.

Study Design:
A forward and reverse cross-over design was used. SAD subjects were identified and served as their own controls by altering the light device and placebo device, re-testing at 2-week intervals during January and February.

10 subjects in New Hampshire were selected into the trial if their SIGH-SAD score indicated significant SAD. Half of the subjects used the 8000 lux blue-green, LED bulb, bright light Feel Bright Light for ½ hour each morning for 2 weeks, were re-tested, then used a dim red light (< 5 lux) control for 2 weeks and were re-tested. Half started with the dim red control and then used the Feel Bright Light for the 2nd 2-weeks.

100% using the Feel Bright Light improved their SIGH-SAD test scores – by an average of 58% (from 33.0 to 13.7); 38% improved their scores to below the SAD diagnosis threshold (p<.05). Using the control device improved their SIGH-SAD scores an average of 18% – deemed placebo effect. No adverse effects noted.

Feel Bright Light for Seasonal Affective Disorder Trial Graph

Use of the blue-green LED bulb Feel Bright Light for SAD appears to be at least as effective as 10,000 lux white fluorescent bulb light boxes.


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