Feel Bright Light Solves Sleeplessness at Canadian Forces Station

February 06, 2015
Jeff Fongemie

Dean Beeby at CBC News reported today that the Feel Bright Light has been used in a ground-breaking military study on sleeplessness. Members of the CFS Alert team in the High Arctic, found that light therapy treatments using the Feel Bright Light dramatically improved their quality of sleep. A few noteworthy quotes from the article:

So successful were the visors, which had no side-effects, that the researchers are considering them for use in other northern outposts staffed by the military.

“The light treatment led to qualitatively better sleep”

The full article can be read here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/light-visors-solve-sleeplessness-at-cfs-alert-1.2946460

The exciting findings can be found in the newly published “Countermeasures for the treatment of discordant human circadian rhythms“. You can view their findings Canadian Defence Research Using The Feel Bright Light.