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The Effects of Timed Blue-Green Light on Sleep-Wake Patterns in Females with Alzheimer’s Disease

Primary Investigators: LuAnn Nowak, PhDc Jean E. Davis, PhD Purpose: Compare the effects of timed blue-green light given in the morning or evening on sleep efficiency (SE), sleep fragmentation (SF), and excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) in female nursing home patients…

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The Effects of Timed Exposure to Light Therapy: A Fatigue Countermeasure

Primary Investigators: Kristena M. Kons & Lauren Fowler, Ph.D. Weber State University, National Science Foundation Hypothesis: The use of light therapy will adjust the circulating melatonin levels affecting participants’ circadian rhythms so as to phase advance on the morning/day shifts…

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Feel Bright Light for Seasonal Affective Disorder Trial Graph

Seasonal Affective Disorder Trial Using the Feel Bright Light

Primary Investigator: Ivette Emery, Ph.D. Hypothesis: Bright light treatment of subjects with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with the Feel Bright Light will significantly improve SAD symptoms with minimal adverse effects. Study Design: A forward and reverse cross-over design was used….

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