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Better sleep with Light Therapy

Are You Suffering From Social Jet Lag?

Sleeping in late on Saturday and Sunday mornings may not be beneficial to your health according to modern science. In fact, it may actually cause negative long-term health effects and hinder your daily performance. Social Jetlag is a term that…

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Light Therapy for Depression

Light Therapy and Depression

According to the Center for Disease Control depression affects an estimated 14.8 million (approximately 1 in 10) adults in the U.S. Anyone who has experienced depression knows that it can impact all areas of your life, including your emotions, physical…

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Get in Sync with Summer using the Feel Bright Light

Get In Sync With Summer

Your body’s circadian rhythm is a biological process that is meant to keep you in-sync with the natural 24-hour day. For many people, this circadian rhythm is not perfectly aligned with the 24-hour clock and they may suffer from sleep…

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